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The Craft of Construction

Architecture is the intersection of design and engineering, where the utilization of space, light, and materials conveys a profound sense of Home. In Alpharetta, GA, our interconnected systems weave together seamlessly to offer unparalleled comfort and convenience.

Our team, hailing from diverse backgrounds in construction, architecture, design, and technology, brings a comprehensive understanding of the art of building and what it takes to create aesthetically pleasing and functional living spaces.

Located in Alpharetta, GA, our Architectural Design program has been meticulously crafted to maximize the creative process. It commences with a conceptual design phase to explore the realm of possibilities. Subsequently, we develop preliminary designs that undergo continual refinement. With each iteration, the design becomes increasingly intricate and detailed. Once the design is approved, we generate permit-ready Construction Drawings, which include a framing plan, exterior elevations, structural engineering specifications, and a lighting plan.

our procedures

Stages of Architectural Design


During the initial stage, we compile all the essential information necessary to commence work on your design. This entails conducting measurements and creating as-built drawings of your residence, engaging in discussions with you to grasp your project requirements and preferences, as well as obtaining site plans and civil drawings as needed.

Design Development

The second stage constitutes the most extensive and dynamic segment of the process. During this phase, we collaborate closely to establish a conceptual vision for your project. Subsequently, we elaborate on this vision by crafting preliminary designs, which are conveyed through floor plans and exterior elevations. These plans undergo continuous refinement through "red-line" meetings, where your valuable input plays a pivotal role in shaping the design.

Construction Drawings

After the design has been solidified and given the green light, our team proceeds to create the requisite plans, section cuts, window/door schedules, and renderings. These elements are instrumental in conveying the design's intent effectively.

Structural Engineering

The concluding stage involves collaborating with a Structural Engineer to furnish foundation and framing plans. Upon their completion, you will receive a comprehensive digital set of "stamped" and permit-ready Construction Drawings.

9 on main offers Architectural Design program to the following areas:
smart homes

Designing with Intelligence

With the evolution of “smarter” homes, there emerges a chance to reevaluate our lifestyles and redefine the concept of a home. At Nine on Main, we embrace this opportunity with great commitment, aiming to help you envision the possibilities of technological integration. Our objective is to enhance your home life while preserving a welcoming and comfortable aesthetic. If you’re considering incorporating “smart” technology into your residence, you’ve found the perfect partner.

human centered design

A Human Habitat

A house truly becomes a home when it is inhabited. That’s why our approach to architecture revolves around human-centered design, delving into the lives of those who reside within a space, from their daily movements to their social gatherings. This approach frequently uncovers design nuances that may be challenging to articulate but prove transformative when executed with precision.

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