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Architectural Design Brookhaven, GA

The Art of Building

Architecture is the meeting place of design and engineering. The usage of space, light and materials will convey a sense of Home, while an interconnected web of systems work together to provide comfort and convenience.

Our architects in Brookhaven, GA brings expertise from construction, architecture, design and technology. We offer a deep understanding of how homes are built, what makes them beautiful and how they help us live.

Our Architectural Design program was developed to get the most out of the creative process. It starts with a conceptual design to understand what is possible. From there, preliminary designs are created and refined. With each pass the design becomes more and more detailed. Once approved, we create permit-ready Construction Drawings, complete with a framing plan, exterior elevations, structural engineering specifications, and a lighting plan.

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Architectural Design Phases


In the first phase we gather all the information we will need to start working on your design. This includes measuring for and drafting as-built drawings of your home, interviewing you to understand your needs and wants for your project, and request site plans and civil drawings.

Design Development

The second phase is the longest and most active part of the process. We work together to define a concept for your project; then we develop a preliminary design communicated through floor plans and exterior elevations. The plans are refined during “red-line” meetings, where your input drives the design.

Construction Drawings

Once the design is finalized and approved, our team begins to prepare the necessary plans, section cuts, window/door schedules, and renderings to communicate the design intent.

Structural Engineering

The final phase is to engage with a Structural Engineer to provide foundation and framing plans. Once completed a full digital set of “stamped” and permit-ready Construction Drawings are provided to you.

9 on main offers Architectural Design program to the following areas:

Designing with Intelligence

As homes have gotten ‘smarter’, it has presented an opportunity to reassess how we live, and what a home can be. We at Nine on Main take this opportunity seriously as we help you see the potential for technological integration. The goal is to augment your home-life while still maintaining a warm and cozy aesthetic. If you are interested in integrating ‘smart’ technology into your home, then you have come to the right place.

A Human Habitat

A house is only a home when it is lived in. For this reason we approach architecture with a focus on human centered design; understanding who lives within a space from how they move, to how they entertain. This approach often leads to design discoveries that are hard to pinpoint, but make all the difference when done right.
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