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Architecture is a beautiful combination of engineering and design. To provide comfort and convenience, architects use space, materials, and lighting. The architect weaves all of the resources at their disposal together to create the ideal home.

Our team of talent has technology, construction, architectural, and design experts all working together. The team understands that building a home is more than just making it functional; a true home needs to have beauty and help us live our best lives.

Our Architectural Design program aims to maximize the creative process. The team begins with a well, thought out idea. After that, initial designs are built and more thoroughly developed. As the team works together, utilizing their different talents, the initial design becomes more precise. Once given the final nod by you, as well as our knowledgeable management team, construction drawings are crafted with all of the details necessary for permits.


Architectural Design Phases


In the initial phase, we collect all the information we'll need to begin working on your design. As part of this process, we measure your home and develop as-built drawings. We also interview you to understand your specific desires for the project, and also request site plans and civil drawings.

Design Development

The next phase is the most involved and takes the most amount of time. Our team collaborates on putting together a concept for your build; then we create an initial outline showing floor plans and exterior elevations. These designs are honed during our meetings with you, where your input drives the project to be exactly what you need.

Construction Drawings

After we finalize the plans and you approve them, we will make the necessary preparations and create window/entryway timetables, segment cuts, and renderings to convey the plan expectations.

Structural Engineering

Finally, we will work closely with a structural engineer to get the foundation and framing blueprints for your property. Once finished, a completed digital set will be sent to you that is all permit-ready.

9 on main offers Architectural Design program to the following areas:

Genius Designing

The modern technology being put into homes has created new opportunities for the designers at Nine on Main to unlock the potential of your home. We aim to keep that snug and homey feel while making your house compatible with the latest technological advancements. Our team excels at getting the most out of a space using the latest hi-tech equipment.


Make Your House a Home

At Nine on Main, we aim to make a home, not just a house. We concentrate on you and your needs; how you move around the house, how many people you have over, and even how you eat, all play a role in creating the ideal home for you. When this approach is done right, it will create the optimal living experience for you and your guests.

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