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First Class Architectural Design in Kennesaw, GA

A Comprehensive, Managed Solution

Seamless Architectural, Interior, and Cabinet Design

Nine on Main was born to solve a common problem in the residential construction industry: homeowners needed a design firm that was capable of handling architectural, interior, and cabinet design under a single roof.

Our team discovered that a majority of homeowners were perplexed and disenchanted with the pre-construction process. Before, a homeowner would not only have to interview, hire, and communicate with separate architectural designers and interior designers, they would also frequently be stuck coordinating and managing both parties throughout the process. In many cases, this lack of communication between the parties can lead to a design process that exceeds the given budget and requires expensive revisions.

Nine on Main aims to solve this problem by establishing a unified team of experts in both Kennesaw GA architectural design and construction, providing a comprehensive solution for our customers. As we work through your project, our team of architectural, interior, and cabinet design specialists will coordinate and discuss the details of your design.

9 on main offers Architectural Design program to the following areas:

What Inspires Us

Our dedicated team specializes in interior and architectural design across a wide range of styles and aesthetics. Offering four distinct lines of cabinetry, our Kennesaw architect can provide a quality product that fits your aesthetic and layout.

Why Nine on Main?

While most people know what they envision the end product to look like, a design expert knows what can be achieved. Cabinets are only a single step in the process; plumbing, electrical, and mechanical systems must also be considered during every project.

Only an architectural designer like ours is able to understand the intricate design and construction variables that must be considered to achieve the desired end product.

Additionally, design is an iterative process. A concept called ‘design thinking’ enables our designers to craft your project from the ground up, resulting in a highly polished final piece that goes beyond good taste.


Our Services

Architectural Design Kennesaw GA

Specializing in new construction and renovations, our skills include space planning, system integration, structural modification, and exterior architecture.

Interior Design

Our design team handles everything from material selection to finishings and furnishings, making your home both functional and pleasing to the eye.

Cabinet Design

Cabinetry is the art of creating beautiful ways to conceal all your belongings. Our team of designers specialize in the design and development of cabinetry for kitchens, bathrooms, bars, and more.

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