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Your Dreams Come True in Marietta, GA with High-End Custom and Aesthetic Design


All of Your Design Needs in One Place

Nine on Main was founded to address a common issue in the residential construction industry: the lack of a design firm that can handle Marietta’s architectural design, and interior and cabinet design all under one roof.
We found that the pre-construction process left a lot of homeowners confused and upset. A homeowner must interview, hire, and talk to an architect and interior designer separately. They also would have to coordinate and control them throughout the design phase. This lack of organization frequently led to a design that didn’t make sense and went over budget, which meant that costly changes had to be made.
At Nine on Main, we also managed to bring together all the best designers, builders and architects Marietta GA has to offer to help our clients. Every step of your project will be discussed and reviewed by our architectural, interior, and cabinet design departments. To our customers’ delight, we’ve created something that no one else in the industry can match.

9 on main offers Architectural Design program to the following areas:

From The Past to The Present

We offer a wide range of architectural and interior design services in Marietta, GA, for all styles and tastes. In addition, we have four different lines of cabinetry to choose from, allowing us to meet your needs for style and layout.

Why Hire an Architectural Expert in Marietta

Everyone is aware of their individual preferences, but only a design professional knows the range of options available. Your home is made up of different systems that all work together like the human body. A wooden skeleton holds the plumbing, electrical, and mechanical systems that keep your house running smoothly.

Architects and interior designers have the knowledge and skills to analyze the long-term consequences of their clients’ design decisions.

Design is also a process that repeats itself. “Design Thinking” is a tool our designers use to take your project from an idea to a finished product. Design skills are a lot more than just having good taste.


Our Services

Architectural Design

Architectural design for residential new construction and remodeling, including space planning, structural changes, system integration, and exterior architecture.

Interior Design

Your home's design is the responsibility of our team, which includes everything from the selection of materials and finishes to the selection of furniture.

Cabinet Design

Cabinetry is the art of concealing all of your belongings beautifully. Whether you need cabinets for a kitchen or a bathroom, a bar, or a built-in, we can help.

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