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Architectural Design Milton, GA

Architectural Design in Milton, GA

Architecture is one of the most critical aspects of any building, large or small. A poorly designed house can be a nightmare to live in, and shoddy office space can seriously affect productivity. Fortunately, many resources are available for anyone interested in architecture and architectural design for home or office. Milton architectural design firms are well worth investigating. Our Milton architectural designer can help to create new buildings and renovations, and even guide how to improve the internal design of your house.

The Art of Building

The art of building is one of the most significant topics in architecture. You can break down the actual building process into several major parts that lead to the final product: site selection and preparation, construction engineering, design or construction documents, and construction administration. The art of building is challenging to grasp for many people, as there are many different types of buildings and methods used for construction. However, most buildings can be constructed using just a few essential tools and techniques. Building a new home is one of the most complex endeavors that most people will ever undertake.

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Architectural Design Phases


We gather all the data necessary to begin working on your design during the first step. This involves taking measurements for and creating as-built drawings of your house, talking to you about your project's needs and goals, and requesting site plans and civil drawings.


The second stage of the procedure is the lengthiest and busiest. Together, we generate an idea for your project, after which we create a preliminary design that is represented by floor plans and external elevations. Your feedback influences the design at "red-line" meetings when the plans are refined.

Construction Documents

Following the completion and approval of the design, our team starts to create the appropriate drawings, section cuts, window/door schedules, and renderings to convey the design objective.

Structural Engineering

The foundation and frame plans are provided by a structural engineer in the final phase. You are given a complete digital set of "stamped" and permit-ready construction drawings after everything is finished.

9 on main offers Architectural Design program to the following areas:

Designing with Intelligence

Homes have become “smarter,” which has given us a chance to reevaluate how we live and what a home may be. As we assist you in realizing the potential of technological integration, we at Nine on Main take this opportunity seriously. The idea is to improve your living environment while keeping it warm and inviting. You’ve come to the correct place if you’re interested in incorporating “smart” technology into your house.


A Human Habitat

Human-Centered design is a way of approaching the design of a building. It is based on the idea that it is best to leave people in their preferred state and make functional, safe, and aesthetically pleasing homes. That being said, it also means that a building must be able to adapt to the needs of its occupants. Human-Centered Design focuses on people’s experiences with buildings rather than solely on how a building will affect energy usage.

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