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The Art of Building

Architecture is the profession of designing buildings and other physical structures. The practice of architecture includes urban planning, landscape architecture, design, and construction management to achieve the desired outcome.

Nine on Main, a full-service Sandy Springs architecture firm, has been designing buildings for many years. We take pride in our collaborative approach to design, utilizing the strengths of each specialist to deliver successful results. Our designs allow for functionality with intentionality and aesthetics that inspire an unforgettable response from the client and user.

Whether our work is a stand-alone building or part of a larger master plan, our goal is to achieve exceptional results that evoke the highest quality standards. We believe good design is timeless.

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Our Architectural Design Phases


During the Sandy Springs architectural design process, we work with a client to define the scope of work. We will gather and present all construction documents for review to ensure that our design approach aligns with them. This is when we are at our best, working together to produce a design that is true to the client's needs and personal vision. We collaborate with you on what the final design should look like and ensure that it matches your needs and expectations.

Design Development

Our team begins by gathering information on site conditions, building systems, and client desires. We select a layout and sequence of new spaces within the pre-existing structure. We will conduct last-minute design revisions and make anything else necessary to meet the project's vision.

Construction Drawings

Construction documents will be prepared to the level of detail appropriate for the type of building and the project's cost. We will be available during all construction phases to ensure that what is built on-site best reflects our architectural design vision.

Structural Engineering

We work closely with our structural engineers to ensure the design meets the required standard and complies with the local building code. Our goal is to achieve a well-engineered solution that meets our intent of creating a structurally sound design that responds to the client's needs.

9 on main offers Architectural Design program to the following areas:

Intelligence-Based Design

The potential to reevaluate how we live and what a home can be has arisen as homes have become “smarter.” Nine on Main takes this chance seriously as we assist you in realizing the possibilities of technological integration. The idea is to improve your quality of life at home while still keeping it look warm and inviting. You are in the right place if you want to incorporate “smart” technology into your house.

Habitat for People

A home may only be defined as one that is occupied. In order to better understand the people who live in a space, from how they move to how they entertain themselves, we approach architecture with an emphasis on human centric design. This strategy frequently yields difficult-to-identify design revelations, but when used properly, they can make a huge difference.
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