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Building as an art

Building a perfect home starts with having a perfect architectural design. Architecture combines engineering and design to bring out unique, comfortable, and convenient homes to the homeowner’s needs and demands.

We have a team of experts from architecture, technology, design, and construction who work closely to bring your dreams into reality. We help homeowners understand the science of building beautiful homes that help us live.

We provide an architectural design program that is comprehensive and interactive, from conceptual designs to preliminary designs that are more refined. The design process involves the clients and gathers up details as the process moves up the ladder to a final stage where clients are presented with final construction drawings that are approved and permit-ready. The designs capture essential details like exterior elevations, lighting plan, framing plan, and structural engineering specifications.

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Architectural Design Phases


The first step involves information gathering. Our team of experts gathers information through interviews and measurements. Clients are interviewed to determine the wants and needs of their projects before civil drawings and site plans are requested. As-built drawings of the home are drafted once the measurements are done.

Design Development

This is the second phase that involves an active process and takes a longer time. Our team liaises with clients to help them understand the concept of the project. Afterward, the team embarks on developing the plan's first draft that captures the building's exterior elevations and the floor structure. During this phase, the client is briefed on the plan and allowed to give their inputs during a series of "red-line" meetings.

Construction Drawings

Once the first draft of the drawing is done and receives approval, the second drawing phase sets in. This involves the actualizing of the entire plan. The team of experts completes the plan by including doors/ windows, section cuts, and all of the other essential components.

Structural Engineering

This phase brings a structural engineer on board to help design the plan of the frames and foundation of the building. Once the plan is complete and ready, it is taken to the necessary authorities for approval before it is stamped. Clients are then presented with the permit-ready construction drawings.

9 on main offers Architectural Design program to the following areas:

Incorporating Technology with Designs

Modern homes present a unique and vivid meaning of how technology can successfully integrate into structural and architectural designs. Nine on Main is the perfect option for Smyrna architectural design solutions. We provide perfect home designs that have integrated technology.

At Nine on Main, we integrate smart technology into homes, giving them outstanding designs and a cozy appearance.


Human-friendly Designs

We focus our operations solely on satisfying the needs of the homeowner. Our architect Smyrna, GA team provides designs and plans that reflect the needs and wants of the homeowner, making us the top company offering human-centered designs.

Among the issues we consider in designing perfect and unique spaces are the client’s movement and entertainment options. We deliver homes that fit the persona of the homeowner.

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