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All-Inclusive Design Solutions Under a Single Roof

Nine on Main was established to address a common challenge in the residential construction industry: the absence of a single design firm capable of handling Architectural, Interior, and Cabinet design comprehensively.

We discovered that many homeowners faced confusion and frustration during the pre-construction phase. Not only did they need to separately interview, hire, and communicate with architectural and interior designers, but they also had to oversee and coordinate them throughout the design process. This lack of cohesion often resulted in a fragmented design, exceeding budget limits and necessitating costly revisions.

At Nine on Main, we’ve united a team of design and construction experts to simplify the experience for our clients. Throughout your project, our designers from the Architectural, Interior, and Cabinet design departments in Atlanta, GA, collaboratively assess and refine every aspect of your design. This approach sets us apart within the industry, consistently leaving our customers amazed at the ease of working with us.

Style Inspiration

Transitioning from Classic to Contemporary

Our expertise lies in providing architectural and interior design services catering to a wide range of styles and aesthetics in Atlanta, GA. In addition, our selection of four distinct lines of cabinetry enables us to deliver high-quality casework tailored to your unique style and layout preferences.

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Key Reasons to Engage a Professional

While everyone has their personal preferences, a design expert understands the realm of possibilities. Much like the human body, your home comprises an intricate network of interconnected systems. Beneath the surface finishes, plumbing, electrical, and mechanical systems are intricately integrated into a wooden framework, breathing life into your residence.

Comprehending the cascading impact of each design decision necessitates the specialized knowledge and experience that only an Architectural and Interior Designer can offer.

Moreover, design is an iterative process, often referred to as “Design Thinking.” It serves as a powerful tool in guiding our designers to transform your project from concept to tangible reality. Design expertise extends far beyond matters of taste; it embodies a deep understanding of form and function.

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Services we provide

Our Services

Architectural Design

For residential new-construction and renovation including space planning, structural modification, system integration, and exterior architecture.

Interior Design

From material selection to finishings and furnishings, our design team is tasked with making your home aesthetically pleasing and functional.

Cabinet Design

Cabinetry, the art of beautifully concealing all your things. We can design and provide cabinetry for kitchens, bathrooms, bars and built-ins.


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