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Cabinetry as Art

When you think of cabinet design, do you think of functionality or aesthetics? Cabinetry can provide a lot of extra storage space in your home, but it can also do so much more than that. In fact, cabinetry can be one of the most important architectural features in your home. It can help define a space and add beauty and elegance to any room. If you are considering updating your Sandy Springs cabinetry or are in the market for new cabinets, consult with Nine on Main Architectural Designs.

Why Invest in Cabinet Design?

Investing in cabinet design is a wise decision for anyone updating cabinets in Sandy Springs, GA. Cabinets can have a major impact on the look and feel of your home, and they can also add value. If you are planning to sell your home in the future, updated cabinets will be a selling point for potential buyers, especially in the Sandy Springs, GA market. Even if you don’t plan to sell, well-designed cabinets can make your home more enjoyable to live in and increase its resale value. Here are a few reasons why investing in a great cabinet design is beneficial.

Custom Fit

A custom cabinet design allows you to structure your kitchen, bath or any other room precisely how you want it. When you get a custom design, you are able to eliminate wasted space or cabinets that you may find unusable to you. Custom cabinet designs give you control over your space.


Pre-fabricated cabinetry can arrive to you damaged or even made out of low-quality materials. Custom cabinet designers work with the best cabinet makers. There is a precision that goes into every inch of your design plan. These hand-made cabinets feature top-quality wood and not layers of plywood and other wood particles that you might find with stock-purchased cabinetry.

Maximize Space

When your cabinets are custom designed, you can make space a top priority. There are all types of spaces incorporating designs that can be infused into your cabinet design. This comes in handy if you’re redesigning an existing kitchen space or if you have a vintage home, and you don’t want to disturb the layout. In some cases, you have no options but to make the space you have work. When you get a custom cabinet design, you can work with limited space and still maximize your storage space.








FRAME STYLES (Frameless, Inset, Full Overlay, Partial Overlay)

Cabinet Design with a Purpose

There are two schools of thought in architecture: those who believe that form follows function, and those who believe that function follows form. Which camp you fall into will likely dictate the kind of cabinets you choose for your home.

If you’re all about functionality, then you’ll want to make sure your cabinets are designed with maximum storage in mind. This means choosing features like deep drawers and adjustable shelves. You’ll also want to make sure your cabinets are made from durable materials that can withstand years of use. On the other hand, if you’re more concerned with aesthetics, then you’ll want to focus on choosing cabinets that complement the overall style of your home. This might mean choosing cabinets with glass doors if you have a contemporary style home, or selecting cabinets made from reclaimed wood if you have a more rustic style.

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We are among the highest quality Sandy Springs cabinetry designer firms for your next kitchen or bath project. At Nine on Main, we hear what you want and make it come to life just for you. Not only that, we work with top-grade cabinet makers like Fieldstone, UltraCraft, and Mantra. They provide several choices and options in doors, pulls, paint, and other accessories. If you are looking to upgrade your cabinets in Sandy Springs, GA, look no further than Nine on Main. Contact us now and let’s collaborate on your space!