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The Art of Cabinetry

Well-built cabinetry is a true work of art. While cabinetry is a simple concept, the design, construction and installation process is actually quite complex. Cabinetry not only has the ability to create attractive storage areas, it defines a space.

Cabinetry is much more than utilitarian storage and must be designed to suit both your home and your lifestyle. Cabinetry design must take into account the intended function as well as how the area will be used to enhance the way you live and work in the space.

From kitchen cabinets to a master-bath vanity, cabinets must be designed to bring style, grace and color to a space and become the centerpiece that anchors the room. From the initial concept to selecting the hardware and finishes, our Smyrna master cabinet designer will work closely with you to develop the cabinet style and layout that will best suit your taste, needs, and budget.

We work with the top cabinet brands to offer the widest possible range of looks and flexible price points for our clients. This allows us to offer you dozens of options in choosing from hundreds of possible combinations of frame styles, door, handle and hinge hardware accessories, and finish color options to create cabinetry that you will love for years to come.








FRAME STYLES (Frameless, Inset, Full Overlay, Partial Overlay)

Understanding Cabinet Design

Good cabinetry must be attractive to enhance your space and practical enough to do the job it was intended to. It must be durable enough to thrive in wet environments, such as in the kitchen, bath and laundry, and stand up to all of the abuses that cooking, children and pets throw at it. It must be strong enough to support its own weight and contents. In short, good cabinetry must be able to handle all of the trials of everyday life while being functional and attractive.

Choosing a Designer

To ensure you will be happy with the finished cabinets, it is crucial to choose a designer who will both listen to your wishes and take your needs into account while working within your budget. Irrelevant of what the cabinetry will be used for, it is important the designer takes your visions and concerns into account and make the design process a collaborative effort.

In bringing your vision from conception to completion, your cabinetry designer should be focused on designing cabinetry that will make your space a sight to behold. At Nine on Main, we understand that you want your home to be a place you can enjoy and be proud of. Our cabinet designer will collaborate with you to create a layout that is appropriate for your space.

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