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Interior Design
Interior Design Alpharetta, ga

Making a House Feel Like a Home

Interior design entails a thorough understanding of space, form, and function in addition to decorations. An Alpharetta interior designer, for example, will lay out your kitchen cabinetry based on how you cook and entertain; they will seek material selections that reflect your preferences and your living, and they will propose lighting and plumbing accessories that are both stylish and functional. At Nine on Main, our interior designers will help you filter down the thousands of material and finish possibilities available to you to make design judgments.

Homeowners who frequently prefer to do it themselves underestimate the organization an interior designer requires to oversee the selection process. You can expect a full turn-key interior design service in Alpharetta, GA from Nine on Main, which not only walks you through the preconstruction stage but also arranges all of the details, requirements, and budget allowances in a detailed “Finish Schedule.” This assures that your contractor will complete the project according to your specifications once construction begins.

Interior Design

Interior Design Phases

Design Discovery

We acquire all the details we'll require to begin working on your design in the first phase. This involves taking photos of the site, discussing with you to learn about your project's expectations and objectives, and researching products and materials to produce a concept design.

Design Development

We'll provide cabinetry layouts and elevations as we build your design concept and sample boards to communicate material selections and budgetary allowances to keep your project on track.

Design Detailing

After you've approved the general design, our designers will define door styles and finishes, flooring materials, tile selection and layouts, millwork, fixtures, hardware, and furnishings, among other things.

Design Documentation

This stage is perhaps the most significant, even though it happens in the background. Our staff will work to arrange and document all of the specifics once the choices are made and the final design accredited, delivering a detailed Design Guide and Finish Schedule before construction.

your style

Designing What is Best for You

The trick with interior design in Alpharetta is to design for our clients without allowing our personal preferences and preconceptions to influence the process. This necessitates understanding which materials and finishes “work” together rather than which style is “best.” Our clients are frequently astounded by how well we can portray their particular tastes and flair.

A Success Strategy

“Fail to plan, plan to fail,” as the adage goes. The planning stage of the preconstruction process is crucial. Not only will an Architectural Designer at Nine on Main help you design your project, but they will also help you plan the interior aesthetic through the material and finish options. We start documenting at the onset of our process since maintaining all of these details documented and structured is essential to a successful building job. We additionally provide construction management solutions, including on-site supervision throughout your project and coordinating with your contractor and installers to ensure that every detail is done according to your specifications.
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