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Making a House a Home

Interior Design is more than just decorating, it requires an understanding of space, form, and function. For example, an interior designer will plan your kitchen cabinetry according to how you cook and entertain; they will source material options that reflect your taste as well as your lifestyle; and they will present lighting and plumbing fixtures that balance style and performance. But most of all an interior designer will narrow down the thousands of material and finish options to help you make design decisions.

The amount of organization required to manage the selection process is often overlooked by homeowners who choose to do it themselves. At Nine on Main, you can expect a full turn-key interior design service in Atlanta, GA that not only guides you through the pre-construction process, but also organizes all the details, specifications, and budget allowances in a detailed “Finish Schedule”. This ensures that once construction starts your contractor will build according to your finish plan.

Interior Design
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Interior Design Phases

Design Discovery

In the first phase we gather all the information we will need to start working on your design. This includes capturing the site conditions, interviewing you to understand your needs and wants for you project, and researching products and materials to create a concept design.

Design Development

As we develop your design concept, we will provide cabinetry layouts and elevations, sample boards to convey material options, and cost allowances to ensure that your project stays within budget.

Design Detailing

Once you have approved the overall design, we move onto detailing where our designers will specify door styles and finishes, flooring materials, tile selection and layouts, millwork, fixtures, hardware, furniture and more.

Design Documentation

Although this phase occurs in the background, it is the most important part. After all selections have been made and the final design is approved, our team will work to organize and document all the details, delivering a complete Design Guide and Finish Schedule prior to construction.

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Designing What Works for You

The trick with Interior Design is to be able to design for our customers without letting our own taste and biases drive the process. This requires an eye for what materials and finishes “work” together versus what style is “best”. Our customers are often amazed at how we can capture their taste and style no matter how unique.

A Plan for Success

The saying goes “Fail to plan, plan to fail”. The preconstruction process is a time for planning. Not only planning your project with an Architectural Designer, but also planning the interior aesthetic through material and finish selections. Keeping all these details documented and organized is critical to a successful construction project, and so we start documenting from the beginning of our process. We also offer construction management services that provide oversite throughout your construction project to coordinate with your Contractor and installers to ensure that every detail is built according to your plan.

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