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Interior Design Brookhaven, ga

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Interior design is not all about how to decorate your space. It requires in-depth knowledge in several areas that allow you to transform a space to make it more functional and appealing. For instance, an interior designer will consider how you cook and entertain to transform your kitchen cabinetry. The choice of materials will need to match your taste and lifestyle. In addition, they will have to add lighting and plumbing fixtures with the proper style and functionality mix. However, the most important role of interior design in Brookhaven GA, will be to present the best materials and finish choices for your project.

Identifying the best materials and style for your design needs expertise. However, homeowners often undermine this process and decide to take up the role of an interior designer. You can get a Brookhaven interior designer for all-inclusive services that walk with you right from planning your construction process to the end. Besides, we help prepare a detailed “Finish Schedule,” highlighting the details, specifications, and budget allowances. That way, your contractor will have an implementable building plan that will not need adjustment.

Interior Design
How We Go About It

Phases in Interior Design Process

Design Discovery

The first phase involves inspecting the job site to collect the information required to kickstart your design. In this case, we examine site conditions and find out what you want and desire to achieve in the project. In addition, we research materials and products to prepare a concept design.

Design Development

Design development requires using sketches to plan everything, which will transform your space. For example, we will provide the cabinetry layouts, elevations, and sample boards. You can then look at materials’ options and make budgetary considerations that keep the project within the budget.

Design Detailing

Detailing happens after you approve the overall design. A Brookhaven interior designer will now focus on the finer details of the design. This includes going into specific details of your project, such as door styles and finishes, flooring and tiles, how to lay tiles, fixtures, furniture, and others.

Design Documentation

After you have identified your materials and approved the final design, documentation happens in the background. Our team helps in organizing and documenting everything for the project. This way, your construction starts with the complete Design Guide and Finish Schedule in hand.


Embrace Your Style

your style

Designing that meets your needs

Our team provides customers with designs that meet their needs and let our tastes take a back seat. The selection of materials and finishes depends on their compatibility but not on the best style. What’s more, the company is dedicated to our customer’s satisfaction. Their unique tastes and preferences are what matter most.

Plan to Succeed in Your Construction Project

A lot of planning must happen before you begin any activity on the project. Besides having an architectural designer plan your project, you must also consider interior aesthetics. Our team will work with you from the beginning of the process, documenting and organizing critical details of your construction project to make it a success. In addition, we provide construction management services providing oversight throughout the process. We work with your contractor and installers for the full realization of your project.

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