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Everything to Know About Interior Design in Johns Creek, GA

Interior Design
Interior Design Johns Creek, ga

Making a House a Home

Interior design requires one of the most intricate processes in the world. Homeowners are free to customize their homes with the help of interior designers. Like any other craft, interior design involves principles and elements of art. A designer needs to understand how space and color work together to get quality results. That’s when Nine on Main’s Johns Creek interior designers come in.

Our Johns Creek interior designers handle sourcing tools of design to meet your needs. For instance, if you need custom kitchen cabinets or good lighting, they got you covered.

Interior Design
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Johns Creek Interior Design Phases

Design Discovery

The first phase involves gathering information from clients before the process begins. Our interior designer will interview you on what design you want. Also, the expert will find out the site condition and the materials needed for the concept design. If we understand the type of finishing you desire, this makes the design process easier.

Design Development

Developing the design is the next important phase because we get to show you available ideas. In this section, you will have a chance to look at the design concept to see if it matches your taste. Elevations, cabinetry layouts, and sample boards will be on display for you to choose from. Also, the most important thing is we make sure that the design you need matches your budget.

Design Detailing

As soon as you approve the concept design, the detailing process will begin. Our experts will guide you on layouts, tile selection, and door styles among other steps. In this phase, you get to identify the types of furniture you need to meet your style.

Design Documentation

Documentation of the design is another ideal phase of the interior design process. After approval and detailing of the design, all the steps are set on an official document. Our team develops the contract containing the complete design guide and the schedule. The main purpose of documentation is to create trust with all our clients.

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Designing What Works for You

One of the most rewarding things for our Johns Creek, GA interior design customers is the opportunity to watch their dreams come true. It is the desire of every person to own a stylish home, to enjoy the comfort, and make memories. Our designers get all the details from clients, which helps to create what they visualize. Our company brings professionalism, creativity, and quality to ensure we give top-class results. The trick is matching the design concept with the correct finishing materials.

A Plan for Success

“Fail to plan, plan to fail” is one of the common sayings in the business world. For us to achieve success in interior designing, we have to plan every process to avoid errors. Processes such as project planning needs an Architectural Designer to create the concept. Documentation of design is a key phase that assists us develop a quality project. Availability of installers and trained contractors help to create the full design plan.
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