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Making a House a Home

Most people are familiar with the construction phase, where the goal is to meet all baseline requirements for the space and return it to a livable or office-ready state. Beyond that, an interior design phase dictates how those spaces are decorated and used once they’ve been built. During this time, furniture is chosen, materials are installed, and color schemes are created.

Some may say that interior design is equally important as other aspects of construction. At Nine on Main, we love to help our clients create lasting memories and experiences inside their spaces. Our interior designers have years of experience and use the latest cutting-edge tools and techniques to help you create your ultimate design dreams. Below is an outline of design phases that has been proven successful with our clients.

Interior Design
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Interior Design Phases

Design Discovery

This phase includes gathering all the necessary information from the client for our Kennesaw interior designer, such as floor plans, storage and lighting needs, etc. We will then work together to create a cohesive interior design plan that not only meets but surpasses your expectations.

Design Development

Once we've done our research and gathered all the necessary information, we need to execute your vision for your space so that we can move forward with our conceptual design phase. During this phase, you work closely with us to determine what you want out of your space.

Design Detailing

The design details are the final touches on your project. We're here to help you make every decision, whether deciding on paint color, selecting flooring, or even picking out that special piece of furniture. Since we know how important details are to the overall project, we always work to do the best job possible.

Design Documentation

This phase involves going over the details of all the decisions with you to ensure seamless design execution. We then present you with a comprehensive design package complete with your necessary specifications before the construction phase can begin.

your style

Creating What Works For You

For a successful interior design in Kennesaw, GA, you need to understand what you like to create a space that reflects your style and personality. Feel free to use some of our suggestions as a starting point; you will be amazed by the outcome. The best designs happen when you’re open to ideas from the spaces around you.


A Successful Strategy

When it comes to Kennesaw interior design, failing to plan is planning to fail. Don’t leave anything to chance. Work with a team that knows how important it is to create a detailed strategy based on your vision so your design will be executed flawlessly. Take advantage of the pre-construction period and plan for the smaller things that can impact your final project. Cooperation and collaboration are essential to creating a successful interior design. We also provide reliable management services for your projects to ensure all goes well with your design.

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