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Interior Design
Interior Design Sandy Springs, ga

Creating a Personalized Home

The quality of interior design is essential to all homeowners. This venture is not only about decorating your home, but customizing it as you desire. Some of the major factors to consider in interior design include form, function, and space. The types of materials matter to meet customer satisfaction. Nine on Main is among the popular Sandy Springs interior design firms offering exceptional services.

Interior Design
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Interior Design Phases

Design Discovery

Our company has professional experts who make sure that we meet all of your needs. We begin by collecting relevant information on the design you want. Here, a Sandy Springs interior designer will interview you on the concept you need in your home. This operation will include creating your design and researching the materials/products.

Design Development

The next phase is bringing your desire from an idea to a physical concept. This stage involves presenting to you the sample/vision board of the design. We guide you in choosing the materials to fit your budget. We offer sample designs like elevations and cabinetry layouts.

Design Detailing

If the final design is what you want in your home, you need to approve for the process to continue. Afterward, our interior designer will begin detailing the procedure. In this section, our experts will specify the finishes, layouts, and door styles. Also, you will get an opportunity to select the furniture and tile.

Design Documentation

Every professional business should be official with a contract or documentation. This process is the most salient and critical for interior design in Sandy Springs, GA. The documentation action occurs after you have approved the final design. Our interior designers will develop a contract with all of the construction details. For example, the finish schedule of the concept and design guide will be in the document.

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Designing Your Style

Our organization takes pride in offering a brilliant customer experience for client satisfaction. Our goal is to convert what our customers visualize as an idea to reality. Even though we have interior experts, we don’t let our tastes outdo the customers. We allow our customers to fully express themselves, and whatever they need, we deliver. One of the major tricks that help in the interior design process is having a good ‘eye’ for design. This concept means that we can help you choose materials and final styles that you’ll love. According to our customers and their reviews, the quality of our eye for design speaks for itself.


Successful Planning

Planning is everything in interior design processes. How do you expect to succeed without a proper plan? It is true to agree with the saying ‘Fail to plan, Plan to fail’. This phrase is relevant in all professional ventures to achieve set objectives. In interior design, we have to plan every process from the beginning to the end. We begin by sharing with architectural designers to gather the concept design. This exercise guides us to know the materials to use and the finishing selections. All the information then exists in a document before the construction starts. Contractors and Installers are also part of the interior design team.

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