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Transforming Your Home

In addition to decorations, interior design requires a full understanding of space, form, and function. For instance, an interior designer in Woodstock will arrange your kitchen cabinets based on how you entertain and cook; they’ll look for material choices that suit your preferences and way of life; and they’ll suggest fashionable yet practical lighting and plumbing accessories. Our interior designers at Nine on Main will assist you in narrowing down the countless material and finish options available to you so that you can make design decisions.

The organization an interior designer needs to monitor the choosing process is often underestimated by homeowners who frequently want to do it themselves. In Woodstock, Nine on Main offers a full turn-key interior design service that not only guides you through the pre – construction phase but also organizes all of the specifics, demands, and budgetary allowances in a thorough “Finish Schedule.” This guarantees that once work starts, your contractor will complete the project in accordance with your specifications.

Interior Design
Our Process

Interior Design Phases

Design Discovery

Our Woodstock interior designer will determine your preferences and needs during this phase. This process includes photographing the project site, asking what you believe are the most important aspects of working on something new and exciting, and researching the products and materials that best meet your needs and budget.

Design Development

We will work with you in every step to ensure that your kitchen is beautiful and that all feasibility studies are completed. This will ensure that nothing surprises you. We want your space to look its best when we're finished. There are board layout examples that demonstrate the various material and cost options. Allowances assist in keeping the budget under control.

Design Detailing

We'll get to the smaller details after you agree on the big picture. Our interior designer will choose the doors, floors, tiles, millwork, fixtures, and hardware for you. The building plans you create at this point will be complete and accurate. We will explain the layout of your home in detail, and you will be able to select furniture. These floor plans show how our architects will use your space and how your personal belongings will fit into your new home.

Design Documentation

There are numerous considerations to be made before construction begins. Our staff documents every aspect of the design, from the finishes to the placement of the fixtures. We've got a Design Guide and a Finish Schedule to ensure we follow your design fully.

your style

Solutions Tailored Just For You

The secret to successful interior design in Woodstock is to focus on our clients’ needs rather than our own likes and prejudices. Instead of focusing on the “greatest” style, one must grasp which materials and finishes “work” together. Our ability to accurately convey our clients’ unique tastes and flair frequently leaves them in awe.


Strategy For Success

A lot of planning is required for a building project to go smoothly. During the preconstruction phase of your project, we collaborate with an architect to plan the design and select the interior materials. We also provide management services to ensure that each process step runs smoothly.

Contact us if you are ready to begin your interior design project in Woodstock, GA. We’re here to assist you in creating a home that both looks amazing and functions well.

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