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Nine on Main is a full-service commercial and residential design studio offering Architectural, Interior and Cabinet design services.  We work with homeowners and business owners at all levels. 

In our Architectural Design department we work with our customers to develop a concept for their renovation or new construction project, delivering permit-ready construction drawings, complete with as-built and proposed plans, structural framing plans, elevations, and 3D renderings.  

Nine on Main also offers Interior Design services including certified Kitchen and Bath design, cabinet design and finish and fixture selection. We work with our customers to create a cohesive design aesthetic that suits their style, budget and homelife; delivering renderings, tile detail drawings, cabinet elevations, lighting plan, and a comprehensive Finish Schedule.

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Team Approach

The “Team Approach” is a proprietary process, developed by the Nine on Main team and our construction partners.  The purpose of this process is two-fold: First, to use design iteration to develop, refine and detail your project; Second, to provide periodic “cost-to-build” evaluations to ensure that the design we are developing remains within your budget.  

We have broken down the Team Approach into a four-phase process.

Team Approach


Concept Design

Our goal during this phase is to understand your vision and your budget.  On the Architectural side we develop a concept for your new space.  This includes space planning, and exterior elevation “massing”.  Similarly, on the Interior Design side, we take time to understand your lifestyle, budget and personal aesthetic to narrow down a style for your new home. 

A budget evaluation is conducted by our General Contracting partner to determine if your budget will work with the proposed concept.    


Preliminary Design

Our designers will take your vision and turn it into a proposed floor plan. You will be able to review and provide feedback during a red-line meeting with your Architectural Designer or in a design presentation with your Interior Designer. Once you are satisfied with the result, you will sign-off on the design.

With a defined floor plan the GC will take another look at your budget and provide a Level 1 Estimate. This estimate takes into account total square footage and a general idea of finishes to create a potential price range for construction. 


Detail Design

The next step is to detail the floor plan by defining the window and doors, developing a lighting and electrical plan, completing framing diagrams and cross sections as needed; and outlining any special conditions.  

The Interior Designer will work to create a finish schedule, complete with budgets for each item. You will work with the design team to choose flooring, tile, countertops, cabinet styles and finishes, lighting and plumbing fixtures and even paint colors. 

With a detailed floor plan and a finish allowance, the GC is able to conduct a more thorough Level 2 Estimate.  This estimate will account for all divisions of construction, from demo to final punch and will include the square footage and budget allowances for all known material selections.  Although this estimate does not represent a proposal, it should provide you with a clear expectation of the cost-to-build. 


Construction Planning

With the design set and the selection process completed, your architectural plans are sent out to a Structural Engineer to verify beam sizes and placements, and to provide certification for permitting.  Your Interior Designer will organize all of your selection specifications into a “Finish Schedule” which will be included with the permit-ready plans. At the end of this phase you will have everything you need to start construction. 

If you are ready to start construction then you may choose to have the General Contractor confirm all material and subcontractor pricing and provide you with a Construction Proposal.  All that is left to do is apply for a permit, and schedule a start date.  

Our streamlined “Team Approach” process results in a more thorough and thoughtful design that takes into account the architectural and interior design, finish selections and costs, and product lead-times to ensure that there are no surprises when it comes time to start construction. 

Our Values
Our Values

How We Work

What sets one design firm apart from another? Experience? Creativity? How about Process? Nine on Main offers decades of combined design and construction experience, we have as much creativity as anyone can muster, but what sets us apart is found in HOW we do our work. 


Our process starts with our customers. We take care to understand you and your needs, how you live and what your dream home looks and feels like.


We work with you to develop your project design through an iterative process of refinement. With each pass, your project becomes more and more detailed, a true “design development”.


Too often designers make the mistake of pushing their aesthetic onto the customer. Our philosophy is to develop a design that starts with YOU. This includes being mindful of your taste, lifestyle and budget. We work to create a design that keeps all your criteria in mind.


It is our team-based approach that truly sets us apart from our competitors. Having an Architectural, Interior and Cabinet designer under one roof along with a General Contractor gives you access to the expertise of all areas of residential design and construction.


We have found that the key to a successful construction process is a thorough and well-organized Plan-to-build. By the end of the design process, you will have everything you need to submit for permit, purchase materials, and plan for construction. Permit-Ready Drawings, Selection and Finish Schedules, Cabinet Elevations and Purchase Order, and even a competitive Quote to Build should you desire it.


This process should be fun and exciting. We strive to take the pretentiousness out of design and maintain a light and optimistic tone throughout the process.

Working with us is easy thanks to our streamlined process. We pride ourselves on excellent communication so that you always feel in the loop with where your project stands. Our team will provide you with frequent updates from concept to completion.

We will help you utilize your space as effectively as possible. We will ask questions to learn more about your lifestyle and make recommendations on how to improve the functionality of your primary living areas. Many people believe they have to sacrifice aesthetics for functionality, but that isn’t the case. An area can be both stunning and functional simultaneously.  That is our goal.

Dream Team
Dream Team

Services We Provide

Architectural Design

For residential new-construction and renovation including space planning, structural modification, system integration, and exterior architecture.

Interior Design

From material selection to finishings and furnishings, our design team is tasked with making your home aesthetically pleasing and functional.

Cabinet Design

Cabinetry, the art of beautifully concealing all your things. We can design and provide cabinetry for kitchens, bathrooms, bars and built-ins.